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Reckless Legends
or something like that...maybe spoon sandwich
No, really. Because you guy are gonna love this:

Meet crack_fiction's new avatar! Thanx to Libby for linking to the orignal image. Thanx to all my wacky friends who came up with spoon sandwich in the first place! If somebody knows how to use this, please do! SPOON SANDWICH! YEAH!

Current Mood: jubilant jubilant
Current Music: Still my playlist for "Metal Wings". Hehehe

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Oh yeah, I'm really sick. I can't even think enough to try to write something. It was pretty funny about ten minutes ago in here though, a whole bunch of gils behind me were freaking out about a centipede that had crawled in here. Eh, it was amusing, for a while. Ummmm, dang I can't think about anything right now, the decongestive has eaten my brain. But I still can't breathe.
Oh dear god, my head hurts...

Current Location: in the computer lab...ALONE
Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: My rockin ipod (A.F.I. more specifically)

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I think I'm sick...I just sneezed 8 times in a row and can't really breathe. I took some sudifed (sp?) but it's not helping. Plus, I'm all alone here in the computer lab cause I can't find anyone! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!?!?!?
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This is a bad sign.
It's only day five and I'm hitting the wall of Writer's Block. I told you guys that class sucked the life out of me, and it took all my good thoughts with it. I'm in such a need of something to do, I'm working on the sequel to a book I haven't even finished yet.
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Wow, those t-shirts rock the world.
Laura, you are my HERO!!!
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